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What Is Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)?

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HaberleTV Comment:  Conjunctivitis ,also known as pink eye, develops when the blood vessels in the conjunctiva. Because of the inflammation, blood vessels become more visible. To learn more details read the text…

Common Ailments

According to experts from National Eye Institute (NEI), pink eye can affect not only children but also adults. There are a lot of  factors that can cause pink eye but four are essential:an allergic reaction, a foreign substance in the eye, a viral infection or a bacterial infection.  According to Dr. Jill Swartz who is a physician at GoHealth Urgent Care: “It is wide when human touches his or her own eye. After, one also touches the eye of another person.”

It Can Be Caused By Allergens 

According to scientist who focus on the symptoms of pink eye, allergic and foreign-substance-caused conjunctivitis aren’t infectious. From this point of view,  irritant-caused pink eye can result from a foreign object in the eye. Pink eye is also caused by contacting with chemicals, fumes or chemical cosmetics. By the way, according to explanations symptoms can occur in one or both eyes.

The Symptoms Can Vary 

There are a lot of reasons which cause the symptoms of pink eye. For example, viral conjunctivitis generally comes on rapidly. Besides viral conjunctivitis  can be associated with “cold” pink-eye-symptoms like runny nose, cough, sore throat. For instance, the other conjunctivitis which is called as bacterial conjunctivitis is generally marked by thick, yellow-green discharge. Besides, it can also exhibit cold-like symptoms. From this point view, there are a lot methods which can be used as treatments. For example, a cold compress can also be used to sooth allergic conjunctivitis. Other method called a warm compress can be used to sooth viral. From this point of view, the pink eye is important disorder. People consult the physician as soon as the symptom occurs.



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