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The Power and Icon of North America’s Bighorn Sheep

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HaberleTV Comment: It is known that there are a lot of symbols for American West. Bighorn sheeps are is of the most important symbol among them. To learn more details read the text…

American Symbolic Icons

America has many symbolic icons. For example, endless horizons, spectacular sunsets, cowboy riding his horse through immeasurable miles of sagebrush or the stately saguaro cactus are symbolic icons for America.

Bighorn Sheeps

It is emphasizes that another important figure native to North America is the three species of bighorn sheep. According to zoologists, it is believed that the ancestors of the modern bighorn sheep crossed into North America using the Bering Land Bridge being 620 miles wided 750,000 years ago. Besides, The bighorn sheep was one of 22 species of mammals.

Subspecies Of Bighorn Sheep

According to experts, three species of wild mountain sheep came into North America. Zoologists have recognized seven subspecies of bighorn sheep. Male  bighorn sheep can weigh over 136 kilograms. However, females can weigh only half the size of the males.

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