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The New Bicephalic Snake!

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HaberleTV Comment: Hungry snake is very threatening for the people due to the fact that each of us is his or her own worst enemy. However, the snake having 2 heads some kind of different properties. For more details read the text… 

Baby Two-Headed Snake 

This snake has discovered in a family’s yard in northern Virginia. It means it has not discovered in any forest;therefore, it was a dangerous situation. To understand more details about its life and specialities, experts from Wildlife Center of Virginia conducted some important research and experiments.

Medical Screening 

Between these kind of different methods, medical screening has applied, too. It has observed that the snake has not only two head but also two tracheas and two esophagi leading to a single, shared heart and set of lungs. According to Wildlife Center staff:”Both heads are capable of catching and swallowing prey — and that’s where the trouble starts.Besides, the right head appeared to have a more developed esophagus.”

The Term Of “Bicephalic” Animals

Thanks to this discovering, the term of ”bicephalic” animals begins to be mentioned a lot. Bicephalic meas creatures like these kind of snakes having  two-headed. They can be called as “bicephalic” animals vulnerable in the wild. According scientists from this research until now  the two-headed copperhead is being cared for by a private herpetologist who has “lots of experience in breeding and rearing vipers. Besides, while bicephalic animals are exceptionally rare, two-headed living creature are born more often.






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