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The Age Of Universe Will Be Calculated Exactly With The Aid Of Gravitational Waves

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HaberleTV Comment: According to experts from Boston, the big question about the universe will find a response thanks to new method. For more details read the text…


Direct Detection Of Gravitational Waves

Officials state that the direct detection of gravitational waves during the past two years confirms Einstein’s model of gravity and space-time. Nowadays, scientists at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in the US have used a single gravitational wave event, The gravitational event called as ”GW170817” will help to measure the age of the universe.



A Team Has 1,314 Members

A team is comprised of 1,314 scientists from around the world. Besides, they have contributed to the detection of gravitational waves from a merging pair of binary neutron stars. The process has been continued with the detection of gamma rays. After this step, they have identified the origin of the cataclysm in a source in the galaxy which is called as NGC4993. It is emphasized that NGC4993 is host galaxy.

Complicated Issue 

It is also emphasized from officials how fast the galaxy is moving from us allows scientists to calculate the time in the future. The new method of this calculation offers more accurate experimental results. Moreover, with new findings which are more accurate rather than previous results,  it is believed that the age of the universe is between about 11.9 and 15.7 billion years.

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