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The 3 Mysteries Of Fall

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HaberleTV Comment: It is known that fall spans from the autumn equinox, when the sun is over the equator. Besides, the length of day and night are equal, when the sun is at its most northerly and the Northern Hemisphere’s day is at its shortest. For more details read the text…

The Facts about the leaves?

Due to the fact that daylight hours shorten, leaves change color in the fall. Without the overwhelming green of chlorophyll to drown them out, other pigments become visible. Besides, carotenoids make yellows and oranges. By the way red colours occur because of pigments called anthocyanins. These situation can help shield the tree’s cells from harmful UV rays throughout the day.

The Facts About Rain

The best question for this season ”Why does fresh rain smell so good?”.  One reason is the material which is called as “petrichor”. The material with its smoke arise from water hitting soil-dwelling bacteria and plant oils after a dry spell.


What Is The Reason of Different Fall View In Europe?

According to officials fall colors in North America and eastern Asia are often punctuated by fiery bursts of red colours. However in Europe, this situation is different because yellows dominate and red is rare.  Why? The reasons comes from the experts. According to them, mountain chains running north to south dominate North America and eastern Asia. However, mountain chains have a more east-west orientation in Europe.

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