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Sea Monster Fossil Discovered in Kansas

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HaberleTV Comment: According to experts, nearly 85 million years ago, a wee, little sea monster died almost immediately after it was born. Nowadays, scientists have discovered its fossil. To learn more details read  the text…

It Had A Short Life

Although it had a short life, this newborn, which head to tail, is making waves today. It is launched that a new analysis of its fossils reveals that it’s the smallest Tylosaurus which is a type of mosasaur. However, it took years and intensive work for researchers to identify this creature as a Tylosaurus.

Tiny Broken Pieces

Paleontologists begin to analyze tiny broken pieces of the creature’s snout, braincase and other parts. Throughout the investigators scientists also compare this fossil with the previous one. For example, among them the tiny leviathan’s remains were found in the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of western Kansas, in 1991 This medium-size genus of mosasaur had a short, rounded snout and could grow to almost 20 feet (6 meters) long.

They Couldn’t Determine

Scientists believe that one day they can determine the exact type and family of this creature but despite the important analysis;however, Konishi and his colleagues couldn’t learn the infant’s species. It is launched that there are two possible ‘Tylosaurus’ species known from that time and region — T. nepaeolicus and T. proriger;however, unless more complicated body parts aren’t discovered, the species of the baby creature will not be known.

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