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Mysterious Blobs Deep In The Earth’s Mantle Could Be Minerals!

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HaberleTV Comment: Mysterious blobs deep in the Earth’s mantle could be minerals that belong to ancient magma ocean that formed in the collision that also created the moon according to expert. For more details read the text…


These Blobs Are Close To The Earth’s Core 

It is known that they are observed because when seismic waves from earthquakes travel through them, the waves slow dramatically. This issue is very important that the blobs are somehow different from other parts of the mantle. Now, officials suggest that the blobs could be an iron oxide-rich mineral.


4.5 Billion Years Ago

Scientists believe that  their existence would hint at a former magma ocean. It is also emphasized that the magma ocean has existed 4.5 billion years ago. According to Jennifer Jackson, a professor of mineral physics at the California Institute of Technology: ”We believe that there was a magma ocean. Moreover, it crystallized in this area where the iron-rich oxide precipitated out and sank down to the base of the mantle.”

Technical Properties

According to one of the most important professor of mineral physician Jennifer Jackson from the California Institute of Technology: ”The mantle is around 2,900 kilometers. Moreover, the ultralow velocity zones are less than a mile to up to 100 km thick and wide. These kind of measurement strengthen the reasons of occurrences of strange blobs”

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