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A Mysterious 19th-Century Mummy Is Found

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Construction Workers Reflex

When construction workers unexpectedly unearthed the mummified body of a mummy in the New York City in 2011, officials thought the corpse belonged to a victim of a recent homicide. However, closer examination soon revealed that the story of this mummy her story was much stranger and much older than first expected. By the way, firstly broken metal fragments scattered near the construction equipment were identified as pieces of  construction;however, for a while these kind of metal parts were identified as pieces of iron coffin.

Remarkable Details With The Mummy

After a while it is launched these kind of pieces were expensive form-fitting iron coffin. Besides, its sealed environment had preserved the woman’s remains in remarkable detail. The middle of 19th centruy was very important for producing of iron coffins due to the fact that iron coffins were only produced for a brief period during the middle of the 19th century. Therefore, the casket which located along with the style of the woman’s clothing helped scientists to date her body to the mid 1800s.

Buried Remains 

According to Scott Warnasch who works as an archaeologist with the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, was called to the location with a team to document the partly buried remains. Moreover, he also recognized the iron bits as coffin fragments. the other interesting issue is the skin of the woman because her skin was so well preserved that they could spot what looked like lesion from smallpox. It is known that study about this mummy and history of others will be continued.

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