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What Was the World’s 1st Cyberattack?

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HaberleTV Comment: In November 1988, Robert Tappan Morris,was a 20-something graduate student at Cornell. Besides he wanted to know how big the internet was.  Finally, he wrote a program that would ask each machine to send a signal back to a control server. For more details read the text…

Large Sections of Internet

Morris had known that if it traveled too fast there might be problems. Besides, when he realized what was happening, even his messages warning system administrators about the big problem couldn’t get through.  His program became the first of a particular program of cyber attack.

It Was About Large Numbers Of Internet-Connected Devices

The program was about large numbers of internet-connected devices. For instance, different kind of computers, webcams and devices were affected by this program. Because of the logic of the program it could be observed that there was a traffic to one particular address.

Differences And Similarities Between Internet Viruses And Worms

It is known that worms and viruses are similar, but different in one key way: For example, normally one  virus can need an external command to run its service. The point of this view a worm, by contrast, hits the ground running all on its own. By the way, according to officials the internet remains subject to much more frequent DDoS attacks. Therefore,  if more organizations considered cybersecurity as a one of the most important subject, they would be safer.


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