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Three People Can Communicate Using Brainwaves Thanks To BrainNet!

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HaberleTV Comment: Researchers from the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University have developed what they call BrainNet. This system is very complicated but helpful. To learn more details read the text…

Allows Three People To Communicate

It is explained that this system allows three people to communicate with one another using only brain waves. Researchers have also written a paper describing their system. Besides, they have explained how well it works, too. Prior research has shown that it ican be done for two people to collaborate using brain waves to play a video game.

Electrodes Were Used

According to scientific explanation about this project, firstly two volunteers were fitted with electrodes on their scalps to detect brain waves. Two kind of softwares were used: standard electroencephalogram hardware and software. Then, a third volunteer was fitted with electrodes for reading brain waves. Then, other technological devices placed near his head for conducting .

Volunteers Were Important

According to explanations, the first two volunteers were deemed senders By the way, they could watch the same Tetris game as the third person, called the receiver, and gave clues using only their minds. Prior research had shown that when a person looks at an LED blinking at 15 Hz, their  sync with it. After this series of procedure, brain waves began transmitting at the same frequency. According to expert’s definitions, if that person switches to looking at an LED blinking at 17 Hz, their brainwaves start transmitting at 17 Hz. Therefore, this application allowed the senders to speak in binary to the receiver.

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