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The Secret Of Schrödinger Bacteria

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HaberleTV Comment: According to officials a lot of scientists think that major quantum effects shouldn’t work for living things. However, a new paper argues that it already has — that scientists in 2016 have already created a sort of Schrodinger’s cat — only with quantum-entangled bacteria. For more details read the text…

The Importance Of Quantum Physics

Usually, quantum physics can be explained with the aid of rules that governs the behavior of tiny things such as light particles, atoms and other small objects. According to experts, the larger world, at the bacterial scale isn’t supposed to be anywhere near that weird. That was what the physicist Erwin Schrodinger meant to say when he proposed his famous the term of Schrodinger’s bacteria.

”The Limit On The Size Of Quantum Effects”

It is known that scientists don’t agree on where the boundary between the ordinary and the quantum world lies. Besides, Chiara Marletto who is a physicist at the University of Oxford said that there’s no reason to expect that there’s a limit on the size of quantum effects. Besides, Marletto has added that: “Some people say that quantum theory is not a universal theory, so it does not apply to any object in the universe, but actually will at some point break down. My interest is to show that actually, that’s not the case.”

The Secret Of This Bacteria

The bacteria which is called as Schrödinger bacteria, likely became entangled with the light. What this means is that the equations used to define each of the waveforms  become one equation. Otherwise there will be no solution for this equation. By the way according to quantum theory, all objects are explained  as both particle and wave;however, practically speaking, in “large” objects like bacteria, the waveforms are impossible to see or measure.



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