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The Relationship Between The Gravitational Force And The Extra Dimension

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HaberleTV Comment: What do you think the number of the dimension of universe. Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions? For more details read the text…

An Additional Evidence For Albert Einstein’s Theory 

According to new research published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, the universe likely operates in just the dimensions we experience on Earth. For this point of view, the new results offer additional evidence for Albert Einstein’s general relativity.

Acceleration Of Universe

Scientists explained the cause for the acceleration of universe “dark energy”. It is known that there are a lot of theories that can modify the force of gravity. Besides, a lot of idea emphasizes that other dimensions exist. Moreover, maybe more than 1 or more than 5 dimension can exist throughout the universe.

It Should Leak Into The Extra Dimension

According to Tessa Baker, a cosmologist at Oxford University in England:”We’re  looking for modified theories of gravity is in essence driven by the dark energy mystery. It should be found: Is there a way that we can tweak the laws of gravity to explain why the universe’s expansion is speeding up?”

A Lifetime Of The Graviton

To calculate the lifetime of the graviton, officials also used the special data. From this data of view, they say that if there is another dimension, the lifetime of gravitational force is at least 450 million years.It is believed the theory and explanations will help to further test other theories.



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