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The New Robotic Finger Can Help You To Text!

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HaberleTV Comment: It is a fact that there are a lot of projects, gadgets and devices which are interesting, amazing or boring sometimes. However, this robotic finger one of the most interesting devices in technological era. For more details read the text…


Human-Computer Interaction

Is it difficult to text throughout all day? It is known that we tap away on our mobile devices all day long. According to its producer, this finger will help you in exact way! The project belongs to Marc Teyssier who is human-computer interaction researcher. He is the founder of MobilLimb. The finger is like a horrifying gadget but it is attachable for smartphones and tablets.  By the way, maybe for someone it can simultaneously evoke “The Addams Family” and “Black Mirror.”



Berlin Technology Conference

According to Marc Teyssier, this robotic finger will be introduced  at the Berlin User Interface Software and Technology conference in October. Teyssier will explain its properties, attachments, details of its functions at this conference. He emphasized that the finger doesn’t have plastic look. It seems like real human body part. It is the one of the most important advantage for it.

Study Procedure

In the previous video which is published by Teyssier, Teyssier demonstrated how MobiBot can drag a smartphone across a surface. Then, how MobiBot can wag back and forth like a tail, and tap the table to signal a notification. It was really complicated because this finger is managed by five remarkable motors.

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