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New Artificial Proteins Can Activate Fluorescent Molecules!

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HaberleTV Comment:  It is known that proteins are the molecular machines of life due to the fact that they carry out the complex molecular processes required by cells with high percentages of  efficiency. Many of these processes depend on proteins having the ability to bind specifically to a given small molecule. If their features of binding and specialities can be improved, a lot of positive consequences can be observed directly. For more details read the text…


Binding Procedure

Officials state that if we could make proteins from scratch to bind any desired target molecule, it would open the door to a wide range of biotechnological applications For the new protein design a computational method has been improved. Moreover, thanks to this new method and protein having special properties they can be tailored to bind a small molecule of interest, and use it to make ‘fluorescence-activating’ proteins.

Three Dimensional Structure 

Thanks to method being three dimensional β-sheet can be rolled into a cylindrical structure.  According to experts, for this innovation the classical methods of calculation could be inadequate; therefore, the new and innovation method designed. This method helps to observe models a large number of poses (positions and orientations in space) of a small molecule. Throughout this experimental approach, scientists generated 56 β-barrel designs that were predicted to fold stably and to bind tightly to DFHBI.

Future Observations 

There are a lot goals from the scientific era in terms of this special protein design. The team leader and his colleagues want to construct an iterative procedure to further improve the binding affinity of their proteins. They want to increase the number of designs of β-barrel protein which will contribute to the future of biotechnological era.



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