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Honda Has Created Technology For Automobiles

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HaberleTV Comment: It is a fact that added capabilities about automobile technologies in 2018 are interesting and they will only get more varied, not less. To learn more details about Honda’s new technology read the text…

Zero-Collision Society

Honda has constructed the new technology that enables automobiles to see around buildings. The hope is the air with a zero-collision society. It is an obvious situation that automobile technologists are trying to move in a direction of making an amazing impact on safety. The Honda lingo can be called as ‘smart intersection’ technology. This technology means that helping people to make sure cars avoid collisions. Besides, the technology is realized with the aid of connected vehicles.

Honda Is In A Ohio Pilot Project

According to Honda experts, Ohio is selected as a pilot place for the application of this new technology. Honda’s partner is the City of Marysville, Ohio, and it can give viewers a look at a real-world environment.  Jim Keller, Honda Research & Development Americas chief engineer said:” We know that 20 percent of the nearly 35,000 traffic deaths that occur each year in the U.S. occur at intersections.” Due to the fact that raising traffic deaths occur at intersections, this technology is mostly realized at these kind of points.

Working Procedure

The procedure is like this:  There is a software having proprietary object recognition speciality. Moreover, it includes cameras and other telematics devices mounted on traffic signal poles, too. To observe how this would play out realtime, the test has also constituted in Ohio.


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