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Facts About The Particle Accelerators!

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HaberleTV Comment:  The future can be hazardous or magnificent according to experts. There are many predictions and theories about not only future but also particle accelerators. To learn more details about the subject read the text…


“On the Future: Prospects for Humanity”

There are many books about the predictions for future. One of them is : “On the Future: Prospects for Humanity”. According to this book, a lot of theories and predictions are explained. From this point of view, new subjects have been reporting that Rees’ new book “On the Future: Prospects for Humanity”. According to experts, if things go wrong, particle accelerators that slam subatomic particles together at immense speeds may turn Earth into a  black hole.

Cosmic Rays

According to Rees’s explanations the source Cosmic rays, or particles wit higher energy level than those created in particle accelerators, instantly collide in the galaxy, and haven’t yet done anything hazardous. Rees added: ”Sometimes we think that if “we tinker with a virus, then of course we can’t be quite sure what the consequences are,” and he continued: “It might well be that we may create a form of a virus which has not arisen through the universe.”

Second Major Threat To The Future

It is known that the climate change has been very hazardous subject for the universe. According to officials who focus on previoous subjects the second major threat to the future is not only our collective influence on the climate, but also our effects on noth environment and biodiversity. Therefore, it’s essential to have international investigators about how to combat the pressures humanity has placed on the universe.

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