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Boston Dynamics’s Humanoid Robot Atlas Can Now Do Parkour

Written by Gizem

HaberleTV Comment:  The famous robotics company Boston Dynamics posted a new video on YouTube which describes the new features  of the robot ‘Atlas’. To learn more details read the text…

Atlas Does Parkour

According to officials from the company of Boston Dynamics, the robot Atlas can leap over a log and skip between platforms of different heights “without breaking its pace,”. While Atlas navigates the challenges of the obstacles, a slow-motion parts emphasize the precision in its movements. Besides, it is emphasized that each obstacles measure about 16 inches (40 centimeters) high.

Software Is Essential

Atlas can be controlled with the aid of software and navigation system. However, Atlas’s coordination seem humanlike for a machine.  According to Boston Dynamics’s explanation Atlas is “the world’s most dynamic humanoid”.

Atlas Has A Four-Limbed

According to other definitions, Atlas has a four-limbed. Moreover, Atlas demonstrates mobility this is uncannily human: recovering after being shoved,  jogging over a grassy field and practicing robot parkour.

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